WELL AP Exam Study Guide and Practice Exams


Candidates looking to supplement their resume will be wondering what accreditation exam to acquire. Just know you are not alone. Sustainable construction is on the mind of people in many fields. Whether you are in lighting design learning about circadian rhythm or mechanical electrical plumbing design learning about water filtration methods, you will want an accreditation that augments your resume.

Are you ready?

The new WELL Accreditation credential signals your understanding with the WELL concepts and the WELL Building Standard of design and development. The exam itself isn’t easy and covers a lot of details that you will need to know fully to receive a passing grade.

With all of that knowledge and time spent studying the exam, not to mention the exam fees and preparation material, you will want to invest in quality study material. Green Exam is happy to partner with the GBES study material. We recommend using the free material provided by the WELL building standard website with a supplement of the GBES material. Over the course of your studying you will learn:

  • The basics of keeping track of the 102 WELL features and which thresholds you need to put priority to memorizing
  • The key facts for each WELL requirement you will most likely be tested on
  • Learning the language of the WELL building standard

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The GBES Study Material

GBES practice test are known throughout the industry as the comprehensive and realistic exam simulator software
Explanations of what and why an answer is right and why the other choices are incorrect
Provided reference material to document your progress