USGBC is renowned for its initiation and the development of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating systems and its annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which is considered as the world's largest conference and expo associated with the green buildings. It is an internationally accredited and recognized certification system that functions as a third party verification providers as if the buildings or communities under consideration were designed and constructed following the required metrics. The most important parameters in this regard are the energy and water efficacy, reduced CO2 emanations, and enhanced quality of the interior environment and the management of related resources along their impacts.

The first version of LEED adopted by USGBC was properly developed with the help of Federal Energy Management Program by Robert K. Watson in the August 1998. However, the most famous and usually adopted version LEED v3 was introduced in 2007. The current version, LEED v4, is being used throughout the USGBC system with many teams early adopting it as the set standard.

The main aim of the LEED was to arrange the official definition of the “green building” and produce the corresponding standards and measurement criteria for it. Moreover, the encouragement and endorsement of the integrated green building design practices and the acknowledgment of leadership in this domain was also a major goal. In concurrence to the developed criteria various certifications are provided which needs to be maintained.

levels of certification

There are four:
• Certified (40–49 points)
• Silver (50–59 points)
• Gold (60–79 points)
• Platinum (80+ points)

Apart from these certifications, the LEED also offers various certificates and exams to the individuals. The most prominent of these is the LEED Green Associate Exam which evaluates the basic knowledge of the various design, construction and operations associated with green buildings. The cost of this test is $250 ($100 for students, $200 for USGBC members).

Another exam conducted is the LEED AP exam which evaluates knowledge about the green building and the LEED rating and certification system. The cost for this exam is as Combined exam: $550 ($400 for USGBC members) / Specialty only: $350 ($250 for USGBC members).

To take these tests, one has to register for it, and after that a specialized link will be provided to every candidate through which the test could be scheduled as per the feasibility.