Top 10 LEED Exam Prep Study Materials

Sustainability is an ever-growing element in the construction industry. Professionals around the world are incorporating environmentally friendly decisions in their projects. The demand for a rating system emerged, and LEED filled that spot globally. With over 130,000 projects worldwide, it’s no surprise that people are gaining their Green Associate and AP credentials.

We reviewed and tested the top LEED exam prep materials available on the internet. These exam prep options come complete with all you need to pass your test on your first try. Our top 10 exam prep list includes: comprehensive study bundles, study guides, and practice tests that have been leading the industry in preparing you to pass.

Top 10 LEED Exam Prep

  1. LEED Green Associate Platinum Pack
    leed green associate exam prep
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    This study bundle is the only material you need to pass your Green Associate. It comes complete with 120 days of access to award-winning material, including practice exams, flashcards, a study guide, and video training. Each item has been designed to give you the need-to-know information on your exam. By highlighting key focus areas and not overwhelming you with information, your studying will be right on topic. You will feel well-prepared to take your Green Associate Test.

  2. LEED AP BD+C Platinum Pack
    leed bd+c exam prep
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    Preparing for the BD+C Exam can seem difficult without the proper material. This platinum study bundle includes everything needed to pass your Building Design and Construction Exam on your first try. It has practice exams, reference sheets, flashcards, a study guide, and comprehensive video training. Utilizing this bundle will give you a total understanding of the topics covered on the test. With everything you need, this is the top bundle for the BD+C Exam.

  3. LEED Green Associate Study Guide
    leed ga study guide
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    If reading is your way of studying, look no further than this study guide. This Green Associate study guide is the only guide you will need to read to prepare for your test. It is a complete study solution that covers each of the topics from the candidate handbook with accurate information condensed into an easily followed format. This guide is perfect for someone who is currently learning about the Green Associate Test.

  4. LEED AP BD+C Study Guide
    leed bd+c study guide
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    Having the most updated material at your fingertips can be the difference in passing your test. This study guide solution is the perfect tool when preparing for your LEED BD+C Exam. It contains a comprehensive list of topics and material encompassing the Building Design and Construction Test. From start to finish, you will not be overwhelmed with information. Your BD+C study guide contains only relevant information to help you pass your test on your first try.

  5. LEED Green Associate Practice Exams
    leed green associate practice exams
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    Practicing on a test simulator is one of the best things you can do in preparing for your test. Enhancing your studying with practice questions is vital when attempting to pass. This simulator bundle comes with 6 Green Associate practice tests containing 100 questions each. The test simulator mimics the actual test, and some questions are word-for-word on the actual test. We recommend LEED Exam Prep Practice Exams for anyone serious about gaining their credentials.

  6. LEED AP BD+C Practice Exam
    leed bd+c practice exams
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    Practice makes perfect, and if you’re preparing for the BD+C Exam, we highly recommend the best exam simulators. This bundle comes complete with 500 test questions designed to mimic the format and topics of the actual exam. With 15 years of development and over 13,000 candidates using this material, you cannot go wrong when choosing these Building Design and Construction Practice Exams.

  7. LEED AP O+M Platinum Pack
    leed o+m exam prep
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    Studying for your LEED Operations and Maintenance Exam has never been easier, thanks to this complete bundle that contains everything you need to pass your exam. This bundle comes complete with 120 days of access to O+M practice tests, flashcards, and video training. This is the top LEED exam prep for the O+M exam available on the market.

  8. LEED AP ID+C Platinum Pack
    leed id+c exam prep
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    Prepare for the ID+C exam with the best material available. This bundle includes award-winning video training, flashcards, and ID+C practice tests. You will have upgraded access for 120 days when choosing this bundle. Complete with a 95% first-try pass rate, you are sure to be satisfied when studying.

  9. LEED AP ND Silver Pack
    leed nd exam prep
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    Finding the right study material for the Neighborhood Development Exam can seem difficult. This bundle contains ND practice tests (400 questions) that cover each topic as depicted in the candidate handbook. Memorizing is easy with the 200 flashcards that are included. Start studying today from the number 1 test prep bundle for the Neighborhood Development AP Test.

  10. LEED AP Homes Silver Pack
    leed homes exam prep
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    If achieving your LEED AP Homes credential is your goal, you might as well study from the top bundle available for your test. The AP Homes Silver Pack comes complete with 120 days of access to award-winning test simulators and 200 flashcards. The community has thoroughly reviewed each material for accuracy. You will pass your AP Homes Test on your first try using this bundle.

Our Study Material Requirements:

leed exam prep requirements
  • The material that has been developed and on the market for the last 13 years.
  • 24/7 customer support options, including a phone number and chat.
  • The material must have a success rate of passing your test on your first try!