The Best LEED Study Material

In this article we explore the different LEED study material options for your exams. We include the best-rated material for each of the accreditations along with the current discount codes available. These bundles come jam packed with information that will help you pass your exam on your first try. We chose material that has dominated the field of education for over 12 years. Our selected resources have helped over 150,000 customers achieve success.

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Our LEED Study Material Requirements:

  • Pass on your first try!
  • Educator has successfully been on the market for over 12 years.
  • The provider has around the clock customer support.

LEED Study Bundles

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  1. LEED Green Associate Platinum Pack More Info

    Look no further when preparing for the Green Associate. This complete bundle contains all you need to pass. This product is equipped with award-winning: video training, study guide, flashcards and exam simulators. You will have upgraded access for 120 days when choosing this bundle. Upholding a 95% first time passing rate, you will not be disappointed.

  2. LEED AP BD+C Platinum Pack More Info
    Preparing for the Building Design and Construction exam has never been easier thanks to this comprehensive study bundle offered by GBES. This study bundle is a complete solution equipped with exam simulators, video training, study guide, flashcards and reference sheets. You will pass your BD+C test on your first try using this material.
  3. LEED AP O+M Platinum Pack More Info
    Mastering the LEED O+M material can easily be done with this bundle. It comes complete with test simulators, video training, flashcards and reference sheets. It contains everything you need to pass your O+M exam on your first try! Like other bundles offered by GBES, you will have upgraded access for 4 months.
  4. LEED AP ID+C Platinum Pack More Info
    Candidates looking to pass their ID+C exam on their first try need quality material. This bundle is the most comprehensive bundle available on the market. This product contains award-winning video training, test simulators, flashcards and reference sheets.
  5. LEED AP ND Silver Pack More Info
    The Neighborhood Development AP Exam can seem overwhelming at first. We searched the internet for the best LEED study material. This Silver Pack comes complete with 400 question test simulators and flashcards at a 16% discount. It is the best LEED Exam Prep available for the ND AP exam. This material is available to you for 120 days and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  6. LEED AP Homes Silver Pack More Info
    When choosing to take the AP Homes Exam it's important to practice from the best exam prep available. This education solution comes complete with test simulators and flashcards. This bundle covers the complete scope of the Homes test from start to finish. You know you will be well-prepared to pass.

GBES Discount Codes

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GBES provides discounts on complete study bundles. For example, their discounted pricing on their Green Associate study bundle can save you 42% off compared to purchasing each material separately. You can further reduce the price by applying a GBES Student 20% Discount Code. Applying for the extra 20% discount is easy. Simply fill out the student form to receive your GBES discount code.

20% Student GBES Discount Code Form

The Best LEED Exam Prep Provider

We decided to include GBES study material in our list of best LEED exam prep because of its dominance and wide use in preparing for the tests. Claiming to be the “Number 1” test prep, GBES has been a leader in the education industry for the last 13 years. Their material has been used by people all around the world, and they have a pass the exam rate of 95% on your first try.

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Accreditation System

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the LEED rating system here is a brief overview of the different accreditations one can achieve by passing the LEED exams:

  1. The Green Associate exam is your first step in showing off your expertise in the rating system. A Green Associate is someone who has proven their understanding of the rating system. Achieving your Green Associate accreditation is a prerequisite to taking any of the AP exams.
  2. The AP exams contain 5 different disciplines a candidate can choose from. The most popular accreditation being the AP Building Design and Construction. These specializations help distinguish a candidate as knowledgeable and an expert in their respected field.