LEED Green Associate Practice Exam

Green certifications are trending in the construction industry. It’s no surprise that candidates from around the world are looking at adding LEED credentials to their resume. With over 25,000 people around the world that have achieved their credential, you will be in a group of people that have dedicated their professional career to a healthier planet. This guide will help you discover the best LEED Green Associate practice exams available. With an easy 3-step process, we will help guide you, so you could pass on your first try.

leed green associate practice exam

Step 1- LEED Green Associate Exam Format

Understanding the test format will help you outline a solid study plan. We recommend the best study material available that mimic the actual exams. We picked GBES study material because of its wide industry use and accuracy when it comes to practice tests. Their format is identical to the testing format of the exam.

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The LEED Green Associate exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. A candidate is given 2 hours to complete the exam, with an extra 20 minutes to complete pre-test questions. The exam is graded instantly upon submittal, with a weighted score ranging from 125-200 points. A passing score of 170 is needed to achieve your LEED Green Associate.

The exam has questions that are formatted in three types of ways:

  1. Recall
  2. Analysis
  3. Application

Using these types of questions, the exam tests your complete understanding of the rating system. The three types of questions are different from each other: recall questions test your memory of the rating system, analysis tests your understanding of the credits, and application problems test your use of the credit system through scenario-based questions.

leed green associate exams

Step 2- Studying for the Exam

We recommend a minimum of 200 hours studying for the exams. Having a complete understanding of the rating system is vital to passing the exam, and allotting adequate time to study is a requirement.

1-100 Hours

Spend this time studying the information contained in your Study Guide and Video Training. GBES supplies you with a complete source of information covering the topics of the exam. Don’t stress about how much information is contained in this study material. Your overall understanding of the rating system is what you are trying to achieve in this time.

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100-200 Hours

This time is best spent doing LEED GA practice exams. Candidates often overlook the importance of practice tests. Having a quality set of exam problems will help you understand the styles of questions asked. Are they trick questions? Do they have more than one correct answer, but need the best? We recommend the best exam prep available when it comes to practice tests.

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Make sure as you are going over the free LEED GA practice exam in great detail. Read the answer section carefully. The answer sections contain valuable information on the style of questions and topics covered on the actual test. Pay attention to the answer section because it is jam packed with extra information that can be covered on the actual test. Rereading these difficult questions will help you reinforce the material you may have looked over when studying.

Step 3- Passing the Exam

Congratulations on passing your test! We hope you found the free LEED Green Associate practice exams useful. You can now use the credentials you earned on your signature. Remember, "LEED GA" is not the correct term for your credential. Although "LEED GA" is a common mistake, make sure to spell out your credentials the proper way.