LEED Green Associate Exam Study Guide

Step 1: Register for your Green Associate Exam

Registering for your test is easy. Login to your USGBC account and click “Credentials”. You will see a list of LEED exams you are eligible to take. The exams are available at a test center or online from the comfort of your own testing environment. We recommend scheduling your exam 1-2 months from the day you start studying. This will ensure you spend adequate time preparing for your exam.

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LEED Green Associate Exam

Full-Time Student Exam Pricing - Exam Registration
USGBC WEBSITE: Check the box on page one of registration that asks if you are a full-time student. You will then be asked to enter your school, student ID number and expected graduation date. This information is confirmed, and your total should then read $100 at the payment page.

Step 2: Studying for your LEED Green Associate Exam

All LEED® Professional exams are scored between 125 and 200 scale system. Some questions during the exam may or may not be graded and count based on GBCI and USGBC matrix and past test scores.The test contains 100 questions, including the 15 pretest questions.

Overview: What will be on the exam?

Understanding the different parts of the LEED Green Associate is fundamental in passing the exam. You will need to know what to focus your study time. This way you are sure to pass your exam the first time.

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The Application Process

You are responsible for the understanding of the application process of projects. This will require you to understand the different rating systems and how the registration process works on what type of building or project. The various costs associated with the LEED process should be known. The process in which a building or project becomes LEED certified. You must understand each part of the project team, the registration process, how to submit credits and how to ask for rulings and interpretations from the USGBC.

LEED Credits and Prerequisites

A candidate for the exam needs to understand the prerequisites vs optional credits, as well as how to earn points per credit. It is your requirement to understand the strategies behind the point system, codes and standards used to satisfy them. You also need to learn the synergy between how credits interact.

Specific Strategies
As a candidate for the exam, you will need to know the LEED categories. The categories are divided into the following sections:
• Site Selection
• Water Efficiency
• Energy and Atmosphere
• Materials and Resources
• Indoor Environmental Quality; and
• Innovation in Design

Recommended Reference Guides

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Online Guide: 7 references including free BD+C Reference guide sections

At this point, you have a fairly good idea what is involved in the exam. For further guides and free test simulators and flashcards, view our study section.

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