LEED Green Associate Exam

Candidates far and wide have started their path of sustainability by obtaining their LEED credential. A tier one credential, the Green Associate, is earned after completing and passing the LEED Green Associate Exam.

leed green associate exam

Step 1 – The Exam Format

The Green Associate Exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that test your understanding of the LEED rating system. You are given 2 hours to complete it. A weighted passing score of 170 out of 200 which equals around a B+ on the exam is passing. The test is proctored either from your webcam enabled personal computer or from a testing center.

Free LEED Practice Exams

Step 2 – Exam Preparation

Studying for the exam can seem like a daunting task, but with the proper study material, you will be able to pass your exam on your first try. We combined the best material into this easy-to-read list that will help guide you to the top material available.

LEED Study Material

leed green associate exam prep

  1. Platinum Pack More Info

    Pursuing your credential has never been easier thanks to this complete bundle. Jam packed with information, this complete solution is all you need to pass your test. Included in this bundle are the award-winning video training, test simulators, study guide and flashcards. This bundle comes complete with a 95% first time passing rate.

  2. Live Training More Info
    If live training is your thing, then we have a complete solution for you. Included are 8 live sessions spread out over 4 weeks. You will also gain access to the practice tests, flashcards and 287-page study guide. This live training bundle contains everything you need to pass your test.
  3. Gold Package More Info
    If reading and practice are what you are seeking, then the Gold Package is perfect. This bundle comes complete with practice tests, flashcards and study guide. Upgraded access is given for 120 days, which is more than ample time to study for the exam. This bundle is perfect for someone who already has video training.
  4. Practice Exams More Info
    This practice test bundle contains 600 exam questions that closely mimic the actual LEED test. You will be surprised at how close the actual test resembles this practice bundle. Each question has been formulated to cover one of the three categories of questions: application, analysis and recall. Make sure to read each question and detailed answer. The information contained in this section is invaluable in passing.
  5. Study Guide More Info
    Taking the number 5 position is the LEED Green Associate Study Guide. This 287-page guide is your complete resource for reading about each section of the test. Jam packed with updated information; you will be happy with this study resource.

Step 3 – Studying for Your Test

We recommend studying for 1-2 months before taking your test. This should give you ample time in studying for the exam. The test contains 3 types of questions:

  • Recall

    Questions asses your ability to recall factual information contained in the reference guides.

  • Application

    Scenario-based problem that you will have to use the LEED rating system on.

  • Analysis

    You must break problems down to solutions based on the provided information while identifying relationships between the different elements.