LEED Experience

Green construction is a hot topic in the building industry globally. It’s not surprising that LEED is at the forefront of the sustainability movement. With over 136,000 registered projects, it’s no wonder that candidates like yourself are searching for a LEED experience program that will jump-start their careers.

Step 1 - LEED Project Experience Program

leed experience
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Our selected program has you dive straight into the rating system with credit participation. You will assume the role of a LEED Project Manager. In this program, you will be guided by credentialed experts who have completed projects since the early 2000s. Your guides will help you navigate through a project from start to finish.

Step 2 - Start your Project Manager Career

$82k-130k per year (salary.com)
$55k-140k per year (glassdoor.com)

Because Project Managers can make over $100k a year, you will be expected to have experience in completing projects. Our selected program will give you the LEED experience you need to feel confident. Your valuable advice will help guide a project team through the different stages of the rating system.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager that you will learn in the LEED Project Experience Program include:

  1. Helping a project team through a project scorecard.
  2. Identifying indoor and outdoor water savings.
  3. Energy modeling using the simple box method.
  4. Checking material spec sheets for credit synergy.
  5. Knowledge in using LEED Online.
  6. Use of construction best practices.

Project Management Program contains:

  • 50+ Hours of training videos.
  • 8 Live interactive work sessions.
  • 6 Modules going over your role as a Project Manager.
  • Team work sessions.
  • Questions and answers by industry experts.
  • 24/7 Coaching.

Program Details

Additional Benefits of the LEED Experience Program include: completing up to 30 hours of Continuing Education, practice tests for studying for your next credential, and the knowledge of how to price a project. Your 50+ hours of video training will contain everything you need to achieve your goal of a promising career.

Step 3 - Taking the LEED Exams

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The LEED exams consist of 100 multiple choice questions that you are given 2 hours to complete. You are given a weighted score between 125-200 points. A passing score to achieve your credentials is a score of 170 (B+). The exams consist of 3 types of questions:
  1. Recall
  2. Analysis
  3. Application

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leed experience exam prep

This LEED project experience course is perfect for each type of question on your exams. For example, going through the scorecard will help with recall and application style questions. The question-and-answer section with experts is perfect for any analysis-style question. Not only do you cover exam topics during your participation, but this program also comes complete with a practice exam simulator of your choice. Whether studying for your Green Associate exam or working on the LEED AP credential, you will be well-prepared for this program.