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This is a list of the top LEED Exam Prep for the Green Associate and LEED AP Exams. We review the most popular study material available on the market. Their material has a 95% test passing rate on your first try!

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This study material is the best available.

For those of you unfamiliar with the LEED program, here is a breakdown:

The tests are offered from your own personal computer with webcam access or at Prometric Testing Centers. Two different accreditation levels can be earned from taking the tests. Each test takes 2 hours of testing time to complete and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.

1. LEED Green Associate

green associate exam prep

The Green Associate credential has been described as having the most current understanding of today’s green building practices and principles. This certification is the entry level and a prerequisite to all AP Tests. The Green Associate tests your understanding of green building practices and how to assist on a project. You will only have to pass one test to become a Green Associate.


bd+c leed exam prep

The AP credential gives you in-depth knowledge on green buildings and expertise in the rating system. The Accredited Professional distinction allows you to become a specialist in 5 different categories, most commonly the AP Building Design + Construction, shortened to the “BD+C”. The BD+C accreditation provides you with green building design and construction expertise, serving residential, commercial, education, and the healthcare economic sectors.

The Best LEED Accredited Professional Exam

Although the most common accreditation is the BD+C accreditation, the other accreditations are useful and are globally accepted in the design industry. We always recommend a candidate to reflect on the type of projects they work on or want to work on. If a candidate is still undecided, we recommend the BD+C for its wide use in the building industry. The majority of candidates, that are undecided, will find the Building Design and Construction accreditation the most useful.

The Top LEED Exam Prep Materials:

Study Bundles

For the test takers looking for a one-stop shop solution, this is the best pick for you. You won’t have to search and put together the study guides, video/audio lessons, and LEED practice tests - all is provided in one neat package. If you’re seeking to pass your test the first time you take it, this is the right solution for you!

Green Associate Platinum Pack

leed exam prep green associate bundle

This package features the absolute best tools available online into one single bundle. With every single teaching style used including visual, audio, and motion, the materials reinforce all the terms and concepts you’ll have to study to pass on your very first try!

LEED Exam Prep Product Info
The Green Associate Platinum Pack features the top-selling original LEED practice tests, which have been updated for the most recent information. Each question features an explanation as to why each answer is correct. The online webinars take you through all the core information and material which you’ll need to know for the test. You’ll want to write down notes as you watch the videos, to review the correct information. The study guide is searchable and an absolute powerhouse of examples and definitions which allow you to expand on the practice tests and videos.

Tips for Supporting Documentation
You can review the flash cards online or print physical copies to test your memory of all the definitions, referenced standards, and more. Study sheets can also be printed to cross off and highlight important info so that you can develop a cheat sheet with all the key terms that you will need to know.

Complete LEED Exam Prep Solution
Student and Professionals alike obtain tremendous value from our LEED Exam Prep products and materials. This study bundle will guide you through all the necessary green building practices and principles needed for the exam. Save yourself both money and time by studying once and passing your test the very first time!

View the Green Associate Platinum Pack!

LEED AP BD+C Platinum Pack

leed exam prep bdc bundle

The AP BD+C Platinum study package features all the greatest tools online in a one-stop shop for you, utilizing every single teaching method – video, audio, kinetic, etc. - these materials reinforce the terms and concepts you’ll have to know to pass during your first try!

The LEED Exam Prep Tools You Need
The Platinum Pack features the best-selling original LEED practice tests, which are updated for the latest v4 Building Design and Construction information and content. Additionally, our online webinars walk you through core information and material which is covered in the exam.

The Way It Works
This course features products which can be used for 4 months. Materials which are included in the Platinum Pack are focused on helping you pass your AP BD+C Specialty Test on the first try. The online section covers all the knowledge domains which reflect the BD+C Rating System credit categories and all the info you must know. The topics are listed according to the test outline listed in the Accredited Professional BD+C Candidate Handbook, and mirror the actual exam content.

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LEED Study Guides

LEED Green Associate Study Guide

Recommended for the Green Associate Exam

 leed exam prep bdc study guide

Since 2007, GBES has gained a reputation as the premier study material for the Green Associate and Accredited Professional Exams. With over 150,000 satisfied customers, you know your study guide will be well tested for the latest version. With a real-time customer feedback system any discrepancies are checked by an accredited professional for accuracy. GBES has been an industry leader and their study guide can be described the same way. With up-to-date information and a constant working full-time staff, you cannot go wrong with GBES.

View the Green Associate Study Guide

LEED AP BD+C Study Guide

Recommended for the AP BD+C Exam

leed exam prep bdc study guide

The AP BD+C Study guide is an incredible resource to utilize during your accreditation process. The study guide has been reviewed by professionals for accurate information. The BD+C Study guide outlines the need-to-know information for the exam. Covering each section of the exam material this guide helps a candidate determine which areas to focus on when studying.

View the AP BD+C Study Guide

Practice Exams

LEED Green Associate Practice Exams

Recommended for the Green Associate Exam
Best Green Associate Exam Prep

leed exam prep green associate exam

These LEED Practice Tests contain six different exams. Each test contains 100 simulated questions that mimic the actual USGBC Test. You will gain access for 120 days. Your exams are graded and recorded to track your progress. The customer feedback process is accurate, so you know your study material has been well tested. This study material upholds an industry leading 95% passing rate on your first try.

View the Green Associate Practice Tests

LEED Building Design and Construction Practice Exams

Recommended for the BD+C Exam
The Best BD+C Exam Prep

leed exam prep bdc exams

By choosing the Building Design and Construction practice exams you will receive access to five 100 questions tests (500 questions total). Each question contains a detailed review section that will help you study for and pass the test. The software keeps track of your progress so that you can focus on the sections that you get wrong. Since 2007 GBES has been the leader in study material for the LEED tests.

View the BD+C Practice Exams

LEED Interior Design and Construction Practice Exams

Recommended for the ID+C Exam
The Best ID+C Exam Prep

idc leed exam prep

You will not be disappointed with access to the ID+C Practice Tests. This LEED Exam Prep package contains 4 different practice tests each with 100 questions. That’s 400 quality questions in total for you to practice. The simulator allows customization to provide you with answers and explanations. Your progress is then recorded to track your success even if you are having difficulty. With interior design as your focus, you will be happy with these practice tests.

View the ID+C Practice Exams

LEED Operations + Maintenance Practice Exams

Recommended for the O+M Exam
Best O+M Exam Prep

BD+C Practice Exams

When studying for your O+M exam you will want test simulators that mimic the actual O+M exams. This study material package contains 4 different practice tests each with 100 questions (400 questions in total). As you practice, your progress is recorded in your student profile. With this knowledge, you will be able to determine when you are ready to take the test. With this O+M Practice Test Bundle you will have access for 120 days.

View the O+M Practice Exams

LEED for Homes Practice Exams

Recommended for the AP Homes Exam
Best Homes Exam Prep

best homes leed exam prep

When studying for the AP Homes accreditation you will want exam simulators to let you know when you are ready to take the test. Up-to-date information and well tested material are what you get in this Accredited Professional Homes Practice Bundle. With 4 different exams consisting of 100 questions each, you will have plenty of practice before your test. With detailed explanations, your practice will be greatly enhanced with this study material.

View the AP Homes Practice Tests

LEED for Neighborhood Development Practice Exams

Recommended for the AP ND Exam
Best ND Exam Prep

leed BD+C practice exam prep

When taking the Neighborhood Development Test, you will want LEED practice test simulators that approximate the actual exam. Choosing the right study software is important. With this bundle, you will gain access for 120 days to 4 LEED practice tests consisting of 100 questions each. With progress tracking, forward and backward review options, you will not be disappointed when choosing this LEED Exam Prep to prepare for your AP ND Test.

View the AP ND Practice Tests