LEED Continuing Education

Finding the right program for your LEED continuing education can seem overwhelming. With plenty of options in the CMP guide for participation, the best way to complete your hours depends on how you want to spend your time. We will explore additional continuing education credits you can earn and rate how difficult each program is to complete.

The Best Free LEED CE Course

Step 1 - Continuing Education Requirements

Every two years, you must keep up with your education requirements. A Green Associate must take 15 CE hours, with 3 of them specific to any rating system. A LEED AP specialty must complete 30 hours, with 6 of them rating system-specific. People with multiple credentials must submit 6 additional rating system-specific CE credits for each added credential.

Specific hours can be earned different ways:

  1. Working on projects
  2. Rating system development
  3. Authoring case studies
  4. Developing or teaching coursework
  5. LEED CE Courses

Step 2 - Free LEED CE Hours

Earning CE credits for free is an easy process for non-specific credits. The GBCI and USGBC give you a few different ways to earn free CE credits:

  • Free CE Courses
  • Blogging and Authorship
  • Project Participation
  • Volunteering (no more than 50%)

Top Free LEED Continuing Education Courses

  1. Kendeda Building Analysis
    Explore everything from building cost to energy efficiency. This one-hour CE class is an excellent live case review. You will be taken on a walkthrough of the project highlights and challenges. This course is perfect for those needing one additional free LEED CE hour.

    leed ce hours building
    View Our Top CE Course

  2. City Scale Solutions Toward Net Zero
    Learn from city leaders on how to achieve Net Zero climate targets. This course covers the U.N. Climate Conference and the Race to Zero Campaign. It is good for one free CE hour.

  3. An Introduction to Zero: Getting to Zero Energy and Zero Carbon
    This course teaches you an introduction to net-zero design and demonstrates how the rating system can help achieve this goal. This training video is two hours long, and after you complete the quiz, you will be awarded two free CE hours for your accreditation.

  4. Tackling Urban Heat in Cities
    Learn what heal island effects are and why they cause issues in modern construction. Strategies industry professionals would use on how to reduce urban heat. You will also explore the potential long-term ramifications of an ever-increasing climate. This program is worth one education hour.

  5. Introduction to LEED v4.1 for Design and Construction
    This 1.5 hour CE course is perfect for earning free LEED ID+C and BD+C specific credits. This program will review the entire rating system from start to finish. You will gain the knowledge needed to certify buildings successfully.

  6. Additional Fee LEED CE Hours
    The GBCI and USGBC have compiled a directory of free LEED CE courses. Some are beneficial and have a high rating, while some courses are not of the highest quality and may seem boring or in another language altogether.

Step 3 – Paid Premium Courses

If quality coursework is your goal, then you have to look no further than GBES. GBES has helped over 150,000 candidates achieve and maintain their credentials. GBES offers 15-hour and 30-hour CE packages that contain the required specific credits you need. GBES auto-reports your CE credits to the USGBC and GBCI for a seamless, easy experience.

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LEED Credential Maintenance Bundles

Step 4 – Reporting CE Hours

Simply log in to your credentials account and select report CE activity. Remember that each rating system has a different dashboard. You must report your CE hours to each dashboard to receive credit. Here is a brief video about reporting your CE credits:

By now, you should have a good understanding of the CE system and how to complete your hours without spending too much. Remember that many free courses exist, but finding courses with the most up-to-date information is time-consuming. We will update this list to reflect the courses the USGBC and GBCI offer. Make sure to bookmark this page for later review.