LEED AP ND Exam Study Guide

Step 1: Register for your LEED AP Neighborhood Development Exam

Congratulations on being interested in obtaining your LEED Specialty. Awesome! Registration is easy. Just log in to your USGBC account and click credentials. You will see a list of LEED accreditations you already possess as well as exams you can select to take. Remember to give yourself a comfortable study window of 1-2 months before taking your exam. This will ensure you understand the study material and pass on your first try.

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Step 2: Studying for your LEED Neighborhood Development Exam

The exam contains 100 questions, and you are given two hours to complete it. You may take the exam at a testing center or from the comfort of a closed-off room with a webcam. Each LEED® Professional exam is scored between 125 and 200 scale system. A passing score is 170 and above. The Neighborhood Development exam is no different from the other LEED credentials like the BD+C or O+M exam. Your answer to each question may or may not count in your end score based on statistics. Some questions may be test questions that are being vetted.

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During the exam, you may come upon a tricky question that is hard to answer. The system for the exam allows for a review of each answer before you submit your test for grading. We recommend you review your complex answers and even skip tough questions to answer at the end of the exam. As you go through the exam question by question, you may remember some information that helps you answer that previously tricky question. Take your time! Review all your answers before submitting your AP exam.

Recommended Reference Guide to the LEED AP ND Exam

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By now, as you have covered all the above information, you should have a fairly good idea of what is required when preparing and studying to pass the LEED ND Exam. For more information on the LEED ND exam, please head over to our exam section linked below.
Good luck with your AP ND Exam!

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