LEED AP BD+C Exam Study Guide

Congratulations on finding the most widely used and successful accreditation. The Building Design and Construction designation is responsible for assisting over 110,00 construction projects globally.

Step 1: Registering for your LEED BD+C Exam

Signing up for your test can be completed in a few simple steps. After logging into your USGBC account, click “Credentials”. You will see a list of current credentials you possess as well as what exams you are eligible to take. We recommend scheduling 1-2 months from the day you start studying. This will give you enough time to practice and pass your exam the first time.


Step 2: Studying

This is our easy-to-read LEED BD+C study guide covering topics under the USGBC LEED system. We will break down the information on the USGBC program for the Building Design and Construction test for both current candidates and future candidates.

All LEED® Professional exams are scored between 125 and 200 scale system. This exam is no different. Remember, depending upon data collected from numerous candidates, each question you answer may or may not count in your overall passing score. Your score will be displayed instantly at the end.

Step 3: Reference Guides

There are a few different reference guides that are applicable to studying for the LEED BD+C Exam. Some are free and others are paid material that is recommended by the USGBC.

  • Pass the Exam - GBES Website
    Guide to passing on your first try.
  • Candidate Handbook - USGBC Website
    PDF Guide with exam topics, question layout, and format.
  • Reference Section - USGBC Website
    Study the ten references, including free material and paid sections.

Step 4: Taking the Exam

The test contains 100 questions, and is closed-book. You are given two hours to complete it. Upon your final submittal, your exam is instantly graded with a passing score of 170 or higher with a maximum score of 200. A 170 is like scoring a B+.

Since you are given 2 hours to complete it, you have more than enough time to spend on each question. If you decide to skip a question, a menu allows you to navigate back and forth during your test. Make sure to answer each question with at least one guess. There is no extra penalty for incorrect answers versus an unanswered question.

Green Exam LEED AP BD+C

At this point, you have a fairly good idea what is involved in the exam and are ready to start studying. Remember to space your test out with at least a month of studying. Good luck on your test!

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