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Navigating the different LEED study material on the internet can be difficult. Luckily, GBES has you covered from the start of your studying to after your exam with credential maintenance. With over 150,000 satisfied customers, you cannot go wrong with Green Building Education Services.

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Coupon Codes

Always Available
Student or Faculty: 20% off coupon for all material.
Discount Coupons
TAKE10OFF: 10% off all study material.
SIG_2021: 25% off everything.
Seasonal GBES Coupon Code
Check for up to 50% off

These coupon codes can be used with the already discounted bundles for each of your exams. For example, the Green Associate Platinum Pack has a 42% bundled discount. You can further reduce the price by applying any of the GBES discount codes. Applying the 40% discount will save you $264 off the full retail price.

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Applying for and Using a GBES Coupon Codes

Applying a GBES discount code is easy. Simply place your item into your shopping cart and fill out the form with your coupon. Click the apply button and the applicable discount is calculated in your shopping cart.

gbes coupon code

Obtaining your student / faculty coupon code is a simple process. The 20% off discount is given out on an honor system. Simply fill out the discount form, and you will receive your 20% off coupon.

GBES Study Bundles

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Here is a list of the top LEED exam prep bundles available by GBES. These bundles uphold a 95% first time pass rate and contain all the material you need to pass your exams on your first try.

  1. LEED Green Associate Platinum Pack More Info

    This LEED Platinum Pack contains everything you need for your Green Associate Exam. This bundle is equipped with video training, practice tests, study sheets, flashcards and a study guide. It will walk you through a comprehensive understanding of the Green Associate Exam by paying attention to the core concepts without overwhelming you.

  2. LEED AP BD+C Platinum Pack More Info
    When studying for the LEED BD+C Exam you will want an updated exam prep that condenses all the core topics into an easily understood study material. That’s what this bundle does with flying colors. This material contains: video training, practice tests, study sheets, flashcards and a comprehensive study guide. Upholding a 95% passing rate, you will obtain your BD+C credentials using this material.
  3. LEED AP O+M Platinum Pack More Info
    The O+M Platinum Pack is your premier resource when studying for your LEED AP O+M Exam. Paying attention to detail, the O+M bundle comes with video training, test simulators, flashcards and reference sheets. This bundle comes with a 41% savings without using a GBES coupon code.
  4. LEED AP ID+C Platinum Pack More Info
    Searching the internet for the top study bundle for the ID+C Exam, you are sure to come across this bundle provided by GBES. Already reduced at 41% off without using a GBES coupon code, this bundle will contain everything you need to pass your LEED ID+C exam. This material has access to video training, practice tests, flashcards and study sheets.
  5. LEED AP ND Silver Pack More Info
    When focusing on studying for the Neighborhood Development exam, you will want access to upgraded practice tests and flashcards for memory. This bundle contains both types of practice material. Similar to other GBES bundles, you will have upgraded access for 4 months.
  6. LEED AP Homes Silver Pack More Info
    This Silver Pack is the most comprehensive bundle available for the LEED AP Homes exam. Complete with award-winning access to practice tests and flashcards, you will not be disappointed when picking up this bundle to study from. Like other GBES study bundles, this package comes with upgraded access for 120 days.