6 Top LEED Exam Prep Materials

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Professionals far and wide are seeking recognition in the field of sustainability. If you are an Architect, Engineer, or in the design and construction industry, one accreditation stands out among the rest and that's LEED. The program has over 150,000 projects around the world and is growing. Because of this, people like yourself are seeking LEED Accreditation to promote themselves in the sustainable industry.

Test Information

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  1. LEED Green Associate

  2. For candidates seeking an entry-level accreditation, the LEED Green Associate Test is your perfect first step. Described as someone who is up-to-date with the most current building principles and practices, a Green Associate is someone who has shown their knowledge by passing a 100 multiple-choice questions.

  3. LEED AP Specialty

  4. The LEED AP Specialty Credentials consists of 5 categories of specialization with the most common being the Building Design and Construction Accreditation (AP BD+C). The AP Test is similar to the Green Associate Test but with more credit details and in-depth credit examples. The test contains 100 multiple-choice questions including recall, application and analysis questions. To take the AP Specialty, a candidate must have first completed their Green Associate.

We tested the top LEED Exam Prep materials on the market for their passing rate of 95%. Using our reviewed material, we passed our AP BD+C Exam. We found the simulator to be invaluable when studying. The questions on the practice material resembled the actual exam both in content and wording.

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Our 6 selected exam prep bundles are the best available study material for any of the tests. Whether you're starting your credentials with the Green Associate or advancing to your LEED AP Specialty, we have included and tested the most comprehensive study bundles available.

1. LEED Green Associate Platinum Pack More Info

This is the premier Green Associate Bundle designed to pass your test with flying colors. It is equipped with the 600 original practice questions combined with flashcards, video training, and a study guide. You will be getting a complete LEED Green Associate solution with access to everything you need to practice for your test.

2. LEED AP BD+C Platinum Pack More Info

You don’t need anything else to study when selecting this BD+C study bundle. With access to award-winning original simulator software, you will be satisfied at the close approximation to the real test this material is. Along with the simulator, you will have access to flashcards, online video training, and a study guide. This package was made to cover all the topics on your Building Design and Construction Test.

3. LEED AP O+M Platinum Pack More Info

If you are actively pursuing your O+M, you probably have been searching for quality training material. This is the perfect material for you. This one-stop solution will give you access to practice tests, flashcards, study guide and reference sheets. Covering each of the test topics, you are sure to have a complete understanding of the exam and what is contains by using this study material.

4. LEED AP ID+C Platinum Pack More Info

Seeking quality study material for the ID+C exam can seem overwhelming. Don’t stress. We have you covered with the ID+C LEED Exam Prep bundle. This study solution comes with the award-winning simulator, video training, flashcards and reference sheets. Your complete bundle is everything you need to pass your exam your first try.

5. LEED AP ND Silver Pack More Info

The ND study pack gives you complete access to an array of award-winning material that will help you ace your Neighborhood Development Exam. The 200 flashcards cover all the topics from the recall section. The simulator is equipped with 400 topic rich questions that closely mirror the real Neighborhood Development Exam. You will get 4 months of full access when you purchase our bundle.

6. LEED AP Homes Silver Pack More Info

Our best study material for the Homes Exam is a complete LEED Exam Prep solution when it comes to taking the exam. The bundle features the Homes Practice Tests that are similar to the actual USGBC Exam. They're featuring 400+ questions covering all you must know for the exam. It also includes 200 flashcards which cover the test’s recall questions and are vital for studying. You will have 120 days upgraded access to this study bundle.


Our LEED Exam Prep Selection Criteria
We chose GBES material for its wide use in the sustainable industry. Boasting over 150,000 customers, you know the study material is well tested and checked for its accuracy and resemblance to the actual exams. Each package has been reviewed by us and is packed with study material making it a complete solution to all your studying needs.

We checked each of the study bundles for their overall coverage and passing rate. We are happy to announce we passed our test using this material on our first try. When reviewing this study material, we found the practice simulator the most helpful in passing your exam. We made sure each bundle comes equipped with a simulator that closely resemble the real USGBC Tests. We checked and made sure that the practice material covered each of the question categories: Recall, Application and Analysis. During our practice, we noticed some questions are word-for-word from the USGBC Exams specifically from the recall section. If you want to study from the most accurate study material on the market then look no further.