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The USGBC's green exams emphasize the building materials and procedures during the construction process. Although different from the WELL AP exam similarities and overlapping occur.
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The exam covers a synergistic approach with emphasis on the personal well-being of the buildings occupants. With emphasis on the medical conditions of the buildings occupants it differs from the USGBC's exam.
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Human health and wellness in the built environment

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LEED GA exam LEED BD+C exam LEED OM exam LEED IDC exam LEED ND exam LEED Homes exam

WELL AP Exam Guide

A free guide on the WELL AP exam. Understand what sections to study and what concepts the WELL exam questions cover. Reduce your reading load and learn what you really need to know to pass the WELL AP exam.

Green Exams

Our Exam section contains valuable information and free exam simulators for multiple exams. We currently cover the LEED Green Associate Exam as well as specialty AP exams. All the Exam and study material in this section are 100% Free.

LEED Green Associate Exam Guide

This section contains an easy-to-read free guide that covers the topics under the USGBC LEED Green Associate exam. Learn the "Need to Know" Green Associate Exam info. This is our easy-to-read guide covering topics under the USGBC LEED Green Associate exam. This guide will attempt to remove the background information that you can easily find directly on the USGBC website to help you filter out the “NEED to Know Information”.

LEED AP O+M Exam Guide

Get your O+M credentials by studying the right material. This is a free easy to read guide to the LEED AP O+M Exam. The O+M exam has important "NEED to know" information and the below guide will cover what is recommended by the USGBC. Spending adequate time studying from each of the sections outlined below will help you in passing your LEED O+M Exam.