WELL AP Exam Guide

This is our easy to read guide covering the topics under the WELL AP system. This guide will attempt to remove all of the extra information and provide the need to know information for taking the WELL AP exam.

Start – Guide to the WELL AP Exam

All WELL AP Exams are scored on a 125 – 200 pts scale. As with other green exams, some credits may or may not be counted in the final assessment of passing the exam. A score of 170 is required to pass the WELL AP exam.

The exam contains 100 questions including the 15 pretest questions.

WELL AP Exam Guide

Recommended Reference Guides

Well AP Candidate Handbook
WELL Building Standard v1 September 2015
WELL Certification Guidebook v1 September 2015
All can be found here - Opens in new tab

Recommended WELL Introduction and Webinars

Introduction to the WELL Building Standard - USGBC Website New Tab
Hosting the Client Conversation about the WELL Building Standard - USGBC Website New Tab
WELL Webinar Series: Performance Verification (formerly known as WELL Commissioning) - WELL Certified Website New Tab

At this point you should have a fairly good idea of what is on the WELL AP exam. For further free information including WELL AP exam simulators and flash cards please visit our WELL AP Exam section.