LEED Green Associate Exam Guide

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All LEED® Professional exams are scored between 125 and 200 scale system. Some questions during the exam may or may not be graded and count based on GBCI and USGBC matrix and past exam scores.

LEED Green Associate Exam

The exam contains 100 questions including the 15 pretest questions.

Full Time Students $100 - See how to get the green associate exam for $100 at the bottom of the page.

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Online LEED Green Associate Exam Guide: 7 references including free BD+C Reference guide sections

At this point you have a fairly good idea what is involved in the LEED Green Associate exam. For further LEED Green Associate Exam Guides and free exam simulators and flash cards view our green associate study section.

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USGBC WEBSITE (Our practice material is free): Check the box on page one of registration that asks if you are a full-time student. You will then be asked to enter your school, student ID number and expected graduation date. This information is confirmed and your total should then read $100 at the payment page.